Website Maintenance

As well as providing a broad range of exceptional design services, we are also here to help with content management and the more technical side of things too. Whether you have some experience in these matters, or none whatsoever, we will always keep things simple and straightforward.

We can assist with an extensive scope of website maintenance services such as WordPress system theme and plugin updates and troubleshooting. And even though WordPress websites have the benefit of being editable by the user, we can save you the time by carrying out your regular content amendments for you. This can range from adding new products, updating an online menu or simply uploading your blogs – whatever content updates you may have, we can quickly and accurately get these changes made for you. All of which we offer as an ad-hoc service when needed.

Once we have designed your website, we can also provide hosting for your domain name if required and can arrange website backup and transfers to our hosting server from other hosting companies.