Cover Design

A professional and exclusive ebook cover design is essential in the industry of self publishing if you want your book to make an impact online, create a strong first impression and help you sell more copies.

A great ebook design needs to be simplistic yet eye catching and instantly recognisable, even as a tiny image onscreen. It should quickly convey the genre and content of your book and needs to work in a variety of situations: full size, as a thumbnail for use on retailers’ websites and also in black and white for viewing on ebook readers.

This can be achieved by creating a minimalist cover design, concentrating on including only your title and author name, which should both be clear and easy to read, with most other information such as recommendations, review quotes and sub headings being put inside the book instead.

As well as on your own website, there are many different platforms where your book may be sold, each with different file size requirements. We can provide the same cover design in a multitude of sizes as required.